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Pro Cleaning


Suitable for the following models:

Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, etc.

“Pro” is a complex cleaning process for fabric, linen, and artificial leather sneakers. During the cleaning, we remove all pollutants and impurities and bring the sneakers back to 1A condition. This includes stain and dirt removal, deformation removal, and midsole and suede color restoration.

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“Pro Cleaning” cleaning includes:

Cleaning the sole with special cleaning products

• Thorough mechanical cleaning of the outer and inner material with special cleaning products and devices

• Laces and insoles cleaning

• disinfection

• Careful drying

• Lint removal from the sneaker

Material recovery, polishing


Sealing and impregnation


High-quality cleaning on upper, mid/under-sole, lace cleaning/steaming, standard insole and upper inner -lining, and conditioning

Chemical-Free Products

  • 3-7 days  (Shipping process not included)

Don't know how it works?

1. Mail us your shoes with a tracking number.

2. Once we have received your shoes, you will be notified via email and/or Whatsapp that your shoes have made it to our facility.

3. After that your shoes will enter the Cleaning/Restoration process.

4. When your shoes are completed, we will send a confirmation to inform you.

5. We will then mail your shoes to you with a Trusted Carrier and provide you with a Tracking Number.

Pro Cleaning


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