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"Soul Fresh, Sole Clean" is not just our motto, it is a commitment to create a refreshed product that you will love! SoulforSole is an international company that specializes in reinventing your favorite shoes and bringing life to them in a creative way. Our designers are passionate, creative, and driven to deliver a unique custom product that is derived from our soul to yours, giving your old sole a new life!   The process begins with you providing a pair of your old shoes to our team. We consult with you to capture your thoughts and desires on what you want to see transformed. We listen intently and pour our creative spirits into designing your ultimate desired finished product that gives your old shoes a new and improved look, feel, and yes: we give your shoes a refreshing aroma that truly embarks on a new beginning for your soles!  So, send us your prized basketball shoes that you wore in high school or your favorite shoes that you wore on your first date. Watch your soles become transformed.  SoulforSole is a multinational company based in the United States and Dubai.

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